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Mobihealth is an International pioneer innovative telemedicine & healthcare services platform positioned to revolutionize access to healthcare services in developing countries-the first of its kind in the African continent! We are a One-stop portal that gives millions of people in Africa timely access to medical experts worldwide via video consultations from the comfort of their home, quality diagnostic tests, genuine medications, specialist referrals through a subscription plan that requires no out-of-pocket payment. Mobihealth aims to bridge the gap in access to quality healthcare services across various African countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia amongst others.
Our secured video software is specifically designed for areas with poor signals, low bandwidths and difficult topography; it is used by reputable organisations such as NASA.

Our secured and robust HIPAA compliant platform ensures quality video consultations, documentations of medical records and ultimately a pleasant user experience for all. We have subscription bundles to fit everybody’s need; individuals, families, corporations, NGOs as well as Health insurance companies looking to cut down cost. Hospitals with acute shortage of specialists can also leverage on our telemedicine solution. For subscription enquiries and volume pricing please send email to Our goal is to mobilise quality healthcare services to the door steps of those who need it, when they need it and in the most time and cost-effective way…anytime and easy as booking a taxi from your mobile phone!

Health Care Challenges In Africa

Many people in developing countries lack access to affordable, high quality primary and urgent health care services. High costs and long distances to health care facilities can be major barriers to care. Research has shown that between 25 and 50% of all sick children and adults do not receive needed care. The World Health Organisation’s most recent data on the African continent shows fewer people dying of HIV/AIDS and malaria but the burden of deaths in 2015, as in 2012, still remained largely due to preventable causes. The continent’s top 5 causes of death include; Lower respiratory tract infections, HIV/AIDS, Diarrhoeal diseases, Stroke, Ischaemic heart disease. After these top five killers, the next leading causes of death in the region were tuberculosis (456,000 or 4.7% of total), malaria (403,000, or 4.4%), preterm birth complications (344,000 or 3.7%), birth asphyxia or trauma (321,000 or 3.5%) and road injury (269,000 or 2.9%).
The report further shows that deaths due to lifestyle factors are now on the rise. Changeable risk factors for conditions that affect blood vessels – such as stroke and heart attack – include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, being overweight, high cholesterol levels, an unhealthy diet, stress and lack of exercise.

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The shifting trend towards causes of death more traditionally associated with developed world countries is expected to continue with increased urbanisation and better access to medical care. Regardless, patronage of unqualified personnel by patients is widespread in Africa and leads to delay in presentation at designated health facilities this increases morbidity & mortality.

Barriers To Quality Healthcare Access And Delivery 


  • More than 90% of people in Africa do not have any form of health insurance.
  • Majority cannot afford out-of-pocket payment; many are forced to sell asset or go into debt to pay healthcare cost.
  • High cost of medicines and counterfeit products.
  • Nigerians spend $1bn annually on medical tourism.

Poor Infrastructure & travel distance to health facilities

  • Many rural areas lack healthcare facilities and many have to travel long distances only to find a poorly equipped one.

Shortage of doctors and other health provider workforce

  • Africa bears 1/4 of world disease burden but has only 2% of world doctors.
  • This is worsened by brain drain with many doctors leaving for western countries to seek greener pastures.
  • Nigerians spend $1bn on Medical tourism per annum.

What Is Telemedicine?

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Telemedicine uses online video technology to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps improve access to healthcare services that often would not be available due to distance, cost, or lack of physicians. Mobihealth’s platform is helping to bridge the gap by providing our subscribers with time and cost effective convenient 24/7 access to quality healthcare services while offering businesses and other stakeholders an innovative solution that reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, promotes consumerism and decreases overall healthcare costs.Telemedicine reduces the impact of delayed diagnosis and treatment and reduces pressure on healthcare facilities.

A large proportion of all emergency department visits are for non-urgent conditions. Arthur J. Gallagher Regional Managing Director Larry Hansard, who suffers from frequent upper respiratory infections, recalled his own experience with telemedicine. “The physician looked at my throat via the realtime video capability on my smartphone,” Hansard said. There was a prescription waiting for him at the drugstore in 10 minutes. Compare that experience with having to wait days for an appointment, then taking off from work, driving a half hour or more, waiting to be called in to see the doctor and then driving back to the office.With innovative remote monitoring solutions that enables a doctor to remotely listen to patient’s heart and chest sounds, examine their throat, ear or skin, a face to face doctor’s visit is quite easily replicated. For those who still need hospital visit we do their referral to a specialist and send appointment bookings to their phones/emails. We also offer home laboratory testing and delivery of medications depending on subscription plan.

Our Services

Skin Care


Immediate Video consultation with a doctor via your mobile device. This eliminates long waits for doctor appointments, delayed diagnosis and suffering. Get diagnosed safely from the comfort of your home, anywhere & anytime. (Read More)



Our innovative video platform offers quality video consultation specifically designed for low bandwith areas with difficult network and geographical terrain. Our solutions enables patient led comprehensive physical examination remotely such that a doctor’s visit is easily replicated. (Read More)

Cardiovascular centre

Laboratory and Radiologic Investigations

We book your diagnostic tests with reputable centers and our doctors evaluate the results remotely to give you medical advice and prescriptions. You can also request home laboratory test depending on your subscription plan or as additional package. (Read More)


Our mission is to provide people in developing countries timely access to quality healthcare services from around the world when they need it in the most cost effective way! Download Now

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